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Top 5 Uses and Benefits of CBD

Top 5 Uses and Benefits of CBD

If you’ve been tiptoeing around the idea of using CBD because you’ve heard it may help your anxiety, body aches, or insomnia, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re obviously pro-CBD here, but for good reason since we know the benefits that it can bring into everyones life. Not just ours, but yours too! CBD is a natural compound that derives from the cannabis plant, and it just so happens to have tons of healing benefits which make it the most sought after holistic remedy that we see today.

1. Natural pain relief
Whether you suffer from arthritis, muscle spasms, or chronic pain of any sort, CBD may just be the perfect natural pain reliever for you. Unlike pain medication, CBD doesn’t have negative long-term side effects.

CBD stops the body from absorbing anandamide , a compound in our body associated with regulating pain. While CBD doesn’t create a “high,” it does encourage the body to use its own endocannabinoids more effectively!

2. Relieving anxiety
At this point, society has becoming more aware that pain may not always be visible, and it may not even be physical. Battling mental health issues can be just as exhausting, and essentially alter the state of someone’s life.

Anxiety takes many forms, and can be prominent in social settings, during significant life changes, or for simply no known reason. A 2010 study found that taking an oral dose of CBD helped participants battling social anxiety and reduced the usual symptoms that they would typically feel.

3. Improves focus and mental clarity
The incredible benefits that CBD has on our brain, specifically on our ability to focus, might be one of the least discussed benefits of all. Instead of feeling the “high” that you would with THC, CBD doesn’t alter your state of mind, it only calms you.

Anxious feelings are associated with confusion, inability to focus, and racing thoughts, all of which distract us during our day-to-day tasks. Imagine being on a tight deadline for a work project, and not being able to concentrate whatsoever because your mind is running a million miles per hour. Sound familiar? CBD can help improve your focus, and give you the mental clarity that you need to thrive at work or at school.

4. Improves muscle recovery
For all the athletes and bodybuilders out there, have you ever had to skip the next days workout just because your muscles haven’t recovered yet? Struggling to get out of bed the next morning may make you reconsider if squats are truly worth the delayed pain!

CBD helps you to recover faster because of a few reasons; its ability to reduce
inflammation, reduce muscle tension, and block the pain transmitters in our body. If improving your workouts and hitting the gym more often is your goal, then a topical CBD will probably become your next obsession!

5. Promotes better and quality sleep
If you do know what it’s like to battle anxiety, depression or even high stress, then you might be familiar with a poor sleep schedule. Insomnia and poor sleep patterns effect one in four Americans each year . We’ll take a wild guess here and assume that most of us never get the sleep that we need!

Mood disorders, along with the daily stressors, can disrupt the sleep cycle and in return, we become even more stressed out from being exhausted. CBD has a calming effect on the body and can be effective at helping you fall into a deeper sleep!

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