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Q. Do you offer international shipping?
A. We currently only offer shipping within the US.
Q. What shipping method does LEEF use?
Q. When do you ship?
A. We ship Monday-Friday (excluding Holidays), orders received prior to noon (PST) will go out same day.
Q. Where can I find the Certificate of Analysis for your products?
A. COAs can be conveniently found on the individual product page, it is the last image of the series.
Q. Is THE EXTRACT, Revive and Paleo Paw Daily Wellness LEGAL to sell anywhere?
A. We have formulated  all of our CBD wellness products around what the federal government considered safe and legal to sell. BUT there are some states that still have SOME restrictions AGAINST CBD derived from hemp, even though it is FEDERALLY LEGAL: Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wyoming.
Q. My Revive arrived in a liquid state?
A. Our REVIVE CBD Balm may liquefy
in warm temperatures, but let us assure you it does not lose integrity.
Return this product to its original state by popping it into the fridge.
Q. How many doses are in a THE EXTRACT bottle?
A. There are 300 drops per bottle and we consider 2 drops one dose, 150 doses per bottle.
Q. What is the entourage effect?
A. The interactive synergy between various compounds found in cannabis is called the “entourage effect”. There are approximately 300+ additional compounds including other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, and fatty acids within the cannabis plant. Our extraction process preserves the purity of the plant keeping all of these compounds intact and working together.
Q. Non-psychoactive
A. THE EXTRACT, Revive, Nooks + Crannies and all Paleo Paw products DO NOT have any psychoactive effects.
Q. Is this safe for children?
A. CBD products can effect different people in different ways.  Always consult your physician before using this product or giving it to a child.
Q. What is the shelf life of LEEF products?
THE EXTRACT- 2 year shelf life                                         REVIVE - 1 year shelf life
NOOKS + CRANNIES - 3 year shelf life                     WILD CRAFTED - 1 year shelf life 
TOPICALS - 1 year shelf life
Q. Are there any negative side effects?
A. We have not experienced any negative side effects, but people react to plants and foods differently. We can not guarantee that a person does not have an intolerance to CBD products. Always consult a physician prior to using these products.
Q. Are there any chemicals used in the extraction process?
A. NO, LEEF does not use any chemicals in the extraction or farming process and we have regularly updated test results to prove it!
Q. Is the Palm Oil used in NOOKS + CRANNIES conflict free?
A. YES, the Palm Oil used for this product is responsibly sourced and therefor is RSPO-certified.

A. Until the FDA issues Hemp a “GRAS” certification (Generally Recognized to be Safe), CBD derived  from Hemp cannot be added to foods or beverages (12 month window for certification).

Q. Full spectrum vs Broad Spectrum
A. Full-spectrum is a non-negotiable when we look at efficacy. Not only is the whole plant greater than the sum of its parts, but science shows that trace elements of THC unlock the CB receptors in the body. So, in order for CBD to work effectively and efficiently within the body the product needs to be “full-spectrum” (aminos, enzymes, fatty acids, terpenes etc).

Q. Potency
A. Biggest misconception with CBD is that more means more. Not only is there a point of absorption with in the body where excess is excreted out, but if you have high levels of CBD other levels (full-spectrum) can not be “as” present. So it is about a pure and potent form where less is needed for maximum efficacy.

Q. Dosing
A. There is no science behind dosing, several factors determine the needed levels of CBD; Metabolism, body weight and ailments etc...

Q. Endocannabinoid system (ECS)
A. Our master regulatory is responsible for regulating and modulating all activities inside the body. CBD works with the ECS to rebalance imbalances. We have two receptors CB1 and CB2 that can be found within our brain, nervous system and peripheral organs and tissues.

Q. Can I travel with CBD?
A. The TSA recently released updated policies regarding traveling with CBD. “Products/medications that contain hemp-derived CBD or are approved by the FDA are legal as long as it is produced within the regulations defined by the law under the Agriculture Improvement Act 2018” All our Leef Organics products are hemp-derived and there should be no issues with customers traveling domestically with our products. In regard to traveling internationally, we suggest customers look into the customs laws and regulations for the country they are traveling to.

The information in this email is applicable to Leef Organics products only and we cannot comment on CBD products from other company’s without knowing how their products are derived or their compliance standards.