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How it started

LEEF evolved from Paleo Paw (Our CBD line for Pets). We were pet parents in pursuit of plant based wellness for our pups, by way of their everyday diet. So, what started as 3 friends home-cooking to better the health of our dogs (Cash, Kaia, Kona & Maui) turned into a passion project (Why wouldn’t we better the lives of dogs everywhere?) turned into our labor of love, 100% organic, non-gmo, human-grade pet food balanced by whole ingredients.

We geeked out, on wellness and naturally lead by one of the Paleo Paw partners Micah Anderson (soil science black belt, organic agricultural farmer/cultivator) our CBD obsession was born. More research and most importantly results, LEEF was our next evolution.

Focusing on impacting the lives of our fellow humans with this plant-based superfood.

How it evolved

They say the best soil is a farmer’s footsteps and it's Micah’s that cultivated the LEEF vision well before we built the brand. Micah started our farms and it all grew from there, he was a bit passionate about non-gmo, organic soil based farming so naturally we had to control the farming process. Our boutique farms have honed their craft for high-potency CBD and they give way to the quality products we create. We believe quality products start from the soil up.

Meet the team

Micah Anderson

With over 30 years’ experience in soil-based farming, Micah began growing our raw material. His passion and proficiency set the foundation and standards which we stand by. Micah continues to push our capabilities and innovation.

What Micah and Emily have cultivated with LEEF is the result of entrepreneurial spirits, experience and passion. 

Emily Heitman

Emily wears the creative cap. Having spent years in big pharma and beauty industries. She’s passionate about science but creative to the core. Emily is intimately involved with every aspect of the products from education to packaging.

She has led the marketing and creative process for multimillion-dollar brands and has meticulously designed every package to-date that makes up the LEEF line.

LEEF has a research division? 

Located at the gateway to the redwoods, Willits, CA sits a 12,000 sq ft extraction facility. Touted as one of the most sophisticated manufacturing facilities in the state if not the world, LEEF Labs is closing the loop and is leading innovation in the way we approach botanical extractions.