We believe premium products start from the soil up and that it is the pure, strong organic soil foundation that gives way to the cleanest form of CBD.

We are soil science nerds and believe the best soil is a farmer’s footsteps

  • Soil is important and is the life source for vital plants
  • Plants soak up their foundation
  • Healthy, well balanced soil creates a foundation which allows the plant to move all nutrients and water throughout the plant’s system.

What we do

  • Active soil science testing
  • No bottle nutrients
  • In house formulations of different compost teas used for feeding
  • In house top dress program to deliver nutrients and build soil vitality
  • Nutrient management plan built off soil samples
  • Organic certified well before it arrives on the farm

The art of farming starts with perfectly balanced soil. Plants thrive the same way our bodies do. Well maintained soil biology makes farming easy. We believe great products start with living soil.

Living Soil - We believe in living soil. The soil ecosystem thrives off living organisms that reproduce at an incredible rate and enrich the soil by digesting and excreting key nutrients normally locked up within inputs such as compost. The living organisms then process the nutrients into a digestible form that feeds the plant.

Compost Tea- We feed our plants with specific compost teas that we have developed to promote certain types of bacteria and fungi during specific periods of the plant’s life cycle to help promote growth, flower set, and vitality.

Have you ever seen sunflowers at the store, that have vibrant/crazy colors? These sunflowers show color when dye is added to their water. That is exactly how we think about soil. Nutrients and elements from the foundation are absorbed into all parts of the plant. That is why we believe premium products start from the soil up.

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