Daily Wellness - CBD Oil For Dogs

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Whole Flower Cannabidiol Formula

250 mg CBD

Rebalance and harmonize your dogs overall wellness. A small daily dose with a wide range of benefits!

This product contains no more than 0.3% THC, including precursors, by weight.

Whole flower CBD extract-
This superfood is cold pressed, single origin cannabidiol formula.
Propanediol- Sounds scary, but it’s just an organic compound that helps with absorption during the refinement process.
MCT Oil- 100% derived from coconuts, MCT Oil is power packed with essential fatty acids.

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Diane H.
United States United States

Stress Management and Pain Relief

We have an 18 year old Jack Russell mix who is in cancer remission. He is typically sharp-minded and energetic even at 18. On the down side, he can get anxious or suffer from separation anxiety more than most. Since his front leg amputation 4 years ago he has continued to be a vibrant member of the family (thanks also to doggie chiropractic care). Only recently his back legs are giving him trouble so pain and frustration are part of the picture. Paleo Paw has been just perfect to help ease his stress and pain to allow everyone to enjoy his final days/months as well as sleep at night. Thank you for a great product!


LEEF Organics

Hi Diane, Thank you for sharing your experience. Paleo Paw started for this reason. We are so happy that Daily Wellness is helping to make your pup's time with you the best it can be. We love this story. Have a wonderful day! ❤️ LEEF

Ronald M.
United States United States

This is my review of the use of dog CBD

We think the world and all of the dogs c b d we have an old old German Shepherd that has arthritis and the c b d has kept him going for at least the last three or four years he is now 13 it's all because of live Organics dog c b d


LEEF Organics

We are so happy to hear that the Daily Wellness has helped your sweet pup with arthritis. Thank you for reaching out to share your experience. Have a wonderful day! ❤️

Kate N.
United States United States

Pain Relief!

I have been giving this CBD oil to my 15 year old lab for about a year now. I noticed a big change in her energy level about a month or so after starting her on it. Can't believe that she's still going for 3 walks a day and is very perky and playful with our younger dog, and interactive with the whole family! It makes me happy to see her still so active.


LEEF Organics

Thank you for sharing your experience! It makes us so happy to hear your lab is doing better with Daily Wellness and still has enough energy for 3 walks a day! That is amazing. Have a wonderful day!

Christopher C.
United States United States

CBD oil for dog

My dog Luna really benefits from this. Very high quality.


LEEF Organics

Hi Christopher, Thanks for the review! So happy to hear your pup loves LEEF! Have a lovely day!

Kate N.
United States United States

Happy Dogs

So this is a follow-up review. Before, I wrote that my senior dog, who had a tumor that the vet wanted to remove, had a dramatic recovery. After several weeks of giving her CBD with her food twice daily, her tumor shrank up. She had been listless and very slow on walks, which is not too unusual considering her age (she is a14 year old labrador).After about 6 months of using CBD drops, she leaps out of bed in the morning, ready to go on a walk. She literally bounces until I take her down the road! My other lab (13 years old) has cancer and has gotten very weak and frail in the last couple of months. I think the CBD drops are relieving some of her discomfort, as she now lets me pet and brush her without wincing, and goes on short walks. While it's not going to cure her, it seems to help her relax and hopefully will make this time easier for her. As long as I have my older dogs, they will have this CBD to make their final years less painful!


LEEF Organics

This put a big smile on our faces Kate! We are thrilled that Daily Wellness is making such a difference to your four-legged friends!