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Take it from a topical…Our REVIVE salve saturates sore muscles and joints, providing relief and restoration. The secret is our unconventional whole flower CBD Slow simmered reduction, which is then combined with like-minded botanicals such as: calendula, grapeseed oil, cacao butter, lavender and peony to fight inflammation. Many of our clients use it monthly for menstrual cramps as well. Some people mix a spoonful in their cup of Joe every morning (yes it's safe to eat/drink it).

Organic Whole Plant CBD Extract


CBD: 134 mg

Cacao Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Organic Whole Plant CBD Extract, Calendula, Peony, Lavender

Our products are made with natural ingredients and are at their best when kept at room temperature. Our REVIVE CBD Balm may liquefy in warm temperatures, but let us assure you it does not lose integrity. Return this product to its original state by popping it into the fridge.


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I love this product. My dad has severe eczema, his legs looked awful for years. I bought this and applied it 9 days. 3rd day looked like some changes 5th day WOW, 9th day his skin was pink like baby's and was gone. He applies every other day to keep it under control. All the nurses were impressed. My son-in-law bought it for his sister who suffers with eczema on her face after he saw our picture. I use it for my knees it's really helps. My brother after he saw how happy we were he purchased this for his wife. So so happy with this product.

LEEF Organics

The whole fam is on board! Great to hear it! :)

H. Mason

This stuff is all purpose

I just finished my first bottle and re-ordered. I use this balm for everything! One of my favorite uses is when my kids get sunburned on their faces-I put this on at night and the redness is gone the next morning-every time. I also put this all over my face at night with my moisturizer. It takes the redness and inflammation out of any breakouts I’m having and leaves my skin glowy and moisturized. We use it on any bumps, bruises or skin irritations —get it, use it, love it!



I've been having to take muscle relaxers and pain killers to fall asleep, but not any more! I'm 27 and have suffered incredible neck, back and head pain from 2 concussions to the point where I can't get out of bed or even sleep. This stuff helps all the aches and pain caused by neck and back spasms. It even helps with my headaches when I rub it on my head. I'm so glad I found this product. Now I don't Have to rely on meds to help me sleep or even to get up in the morning.


Wonderful balm

I have been using this magical potion for about four months now and I love it. It is a bit funky to get out of the little bottle, but once you figure out the upside-down fingernail scrape technique - you are golden (and when it is gone you have a nice little bottle to do something with - or store "something" in). A small amount does wonders. I have fibro and a bunch of other things including neuropathy in one foot and lower leg from a botched tarsal tunnel operation, and this takes the pain away better than the custom blend from the compounding pharmacy, and that one has ketamine and all sorts of other nasty things in it. I use a cannabis spray from another company on top of it and I'm good for most of the night. I also rub it on the base of my spine as I have back and sciatic problems (I told you there were a bunch of other things!) and it keeps my back and legs happy as well. It is not sticky once your rub it in - it sinks right in and absorbs well. The smell is a light, cocoa butter smell, not the menthol of some other rubs - so that is a good thing.The jar seems super tiny for the price when you get it, but fear not... it lasts me over a month and I use it every night and a couple of times during the day as well. Like I said, a tiny bit goes a long way, An amount the size of your pinky nail - or my pinky nail at least - will cover your spine, or foot, or knee or other lovely body part. Great work guys. If you ever need a product tester - I'm all the way in!!

LEEF Organics

What a great story, so glad our product could bring some healing and relief into your daily life! Great usage tip too!



This stuff is absolutely fantastic. I get terrible band headaches due to TMJ that hasn't been managed well by my doc, and I've started using this behind my jaw, ears, and on my temples; it dramatically reduces the pain and tension. My partner and I both use it for normal exercise-induced aches and pains -- great to have as part of your pharma-free arsenal!