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Take a deep dive on one of our oldest and long-term ambassadors JOJO ROPER.

As a big wave surfer, Jojo finds himself riding waves all over the world.
 He's currently on the WXL surf tour — a collection of the top 25 big wave surfers in the world. This group chases down the biggest swells at the most desirable surf spots in the world.
 But surfing the world’s coolest waves has a price…. constantly testing his body’s limits, Jojo is in continuous need for therapeutic recovery to get his competition to the next level.


“It’s hard for me to choose just one favorite LEEF product but I would say I use the RECOVER rollerball the most and feel instant relief.

 I incorporate the roller consistently in my routine whether it is after a bad wipeout surfing, surfing too much, or sore muscles after training. I share the product with the people I train with every day, and they usually go out and get their own!

 There’s something special about instant relief and the roller does its job. Within minutes you feel that tingle and you know it’s working.”


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