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For us, it's a whole family approach.

Our Story

We were pet parents in pursuit of wellness for our pups by way of their everyday diet. So what started as 3 friends home-cooking to better the health of our dogs, (Cash, Kaia, Kona & Maui) turned into a passion project, (why wouldn’t we better the lives of dogs everywhere?), turned into our labor of love: 100% organic, non-gmo, human-grade pet food balanced by whole ingredients. We geeked out on wellness and were naturally lead by one of the Paleo Paw partners Micah Anderson, (soil science black belt and organic agricultural farmer/cultivator) our CBD obsession was born.


For the Pet parents seeking better, more natural alternatives to their pet’s overall health and wellness.

Paleo Paw® CBD is powered by LEEF with a curated product line including our Daily Wellness Tincture and CBD Bites (treats), that we believe are beneficial for every dog. If you choose a holistic, proactive approach to health for yourself we know you probably make the same choices for your dog and Paleo Paw is for you. Rebalance and harmonize your dog’s overall wellness.

CBD Cannabidiol:  A cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits and is non-psychoactive. Research shows that CBD is able to provide a multitude of benefits. It’s ability to have neuroprotective and neurogenic effects are attributed to the success in helping to treat and prevent; arthritis, epilepsy, hip dysplasia and inflammation. Simply put this compound re-balances and harmonizes your dogs overall wellness.

our ratio 20:1 

The studies done on the CBD element of the plant show that it's the ratio of CBD to THC that is the important thing, more so than the amount of CBD itself. Our organic bio mass naturally grows with a 20:1 cbd:thc ratio.

Whole plant is better because we are preserving the integrity of the plant, capturing every organic compound of the plant, and as a result a lower dose is needed for maximum benefits.

Our cannabidiol is grown in CA using best practices in organic, soil-based farming. Hand harvested and scientifically refined, to preserve the integrity of the plant. 

We believe the best fertilizer comes from a farmers footsteps.

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