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THE EXTRACT Liquid Superfood - CBD Extract

THE EXTRACT Liquid Superfood - CBD Extract

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Let’s re-balance…Our CBD Formula (formerly known as THRIVAL), is unlike any other cannabis based wellness product on the market. We use a whole plant cold pressed fermentation process, which yields the cleanest form of CBD extract possible. This means that LEEF CBD retains all of its nutrients and active compounds (remember that heat destroys nutrients!).

A daily dose of this superfood, helps bring overall wellness to the body.

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Whole Plant is Better

  • Premium quality, lower dose for maximum benefit
  • Organic soil based farming
  • Refined to preserve the integrity of the plant

375 mg (plus the aminos, enzymes, fatty acids etc... you reap the benefits of due to our whole plant refinement methods)

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This product contains no more than 0.3% THC, including precursors, by weight.


Whole Plant CBD Extract, Propanediol


Shake well. Take 2 drops twice daily orally with food. Although non-psychoactive, do not exceed eight drops per day.


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  • Simple, yet effective

    We pack power in every drop of our liquid superfood, which is why less is needed for maximum benefit.

    What gives us that super power? It's our whole plant, cold pressed refinement method. We protect and preserve the integrity of the plant which yields the cleanest form of CBD extract possible.

  • Whole plant

    When the compounds of a plant are combined in their natural state, we don’t end up with the sum of the parts; we receive a multiplying effect. Think of it as the difference between taking an ascorbic vitamin c tablet and eating an orange: the overall difference in the available nutrient profiles is immense.

    That's why THRIVAL is made using the whole plant.

  • Cold pressed

    Remember, heat kills nutrients! Much like a cold pressed juice or blanching your vegetables, you never want to overheat your phytonutrients.

    That's why THRIVAL is cold pressed.